At Truehart Construction our reputation means everything to us. We are proud of the fact that we have hundreds of customers that are so satisfied that they are willing to share their experiences and recommend us to their family, friends, and neighbors.
Here are just a few of the great comments we have received.
There was a magician, an artist, and a talented craftsman walking down the road one day.  We called him Duane.
The End
Joyce T. -Siren, WI

We have had Duane do a few projects for us, such as installing waterproof backing in our shower and carpeting a bedroom floor, in addition to slight emergencies such as leaking pipes! Whether it was something scheduled or a last-minute visit, he did a great job, and we are very pleased with the various projects he has done.
Sarah J. -Frederic, WI

Duane is an awesome artisan with high values that show in his work. The flooring he did for me was absolutely perfect. I would hire Duane for any job knowing it would be done perfectly.
Randy E. -Hudson, WI

I have hired Duane Truehart many times throughout the past 6 years. The jobs have varied from painting to flooring and building shelves. Besides being an excellent craftsman with great work ethic, Duane is honest and fair in his price. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Lynn S. -Frederic, WI

In 2007 we built a new home, 3 bedroom with 2 bath. When it came time to do the flooring there was no question on who we would hire, we heard nothing but good reports on Duane. He did a excellent job.
Kevin N. -Grantsburg, WI